Build an Underground Minecraft Home

Minecraft game is full with its exciting features. In the game you may need to build a home underground. This is also very useful in the survival multiplayer mode. Here few tips regarding the underground home are given. Hope these will assist you & make your SMP mode more enjoyable.

There are huge benefits building an underground base. Without the exact coordinates they are hard to find if they have no noticeable entrances. In the SMP server this will help you to protect your precious items from stealing. In the underground you will need a pickaxe & nothing more. In this process of creating underground home you may find iron & coal ores. You may even find dungeons in this process. You are free from the attack of the surface Creeper in underground. Creating a mine is easier here in the underground compared to the surface. Farming is also easier here; animals will not come & you need not to have fences. Creating rollercoaster is far easier here in the underground compared to the surface. The overall process of making an underground base is very easy & convenient in many ways.   

There are few disadvantages building an underground base. Aggressive mobs will attack you while you build a mine here. You may hit a lava lake & that may cause havoc. If you do not add mob farm in the underground you will have to come up sometimes in order to collect ingredients from the neutral mobs.      

When you decide to build an underground home you need to have a little preparation. You need to find a suitable mountain that is stone made not dirt. The mountain should also be 5 block high at least. After you found the suitable mountain remember its coordinates. Then you start the process of making the home now. Use the pickaxe in order to create hole in mountain side. Cover the hole with door or stone or other thing. Build the main hallway now. This should be 6 blocks tall & 2 blocks wide. Now dig down in the staircase pattern. Then make a room & place workbench, furnaces & chest there. This room is more like your kitchen or storage. After that you need to create the entrance. And this is how you have an underground home. Now make bedroom & start mining here in the underground. Valuable ores like the iron or the diamond are most likely to find here. You will find cave here & also there are possibilities of finding dungeons. Once you live in the underground you always need to have proper lighting arrangement.

Other than these basic things you should make some additional arrangement. For example you should have additional bedrooms. This will be helpful during mining far down. Possessing a base above the ground as well can be handy. Make furnace room & themed room. Make farm in the underground. Have an escape hatch & panic room. Also make additional things according to your needs.         

This is all about the underground base. This is a lot of fun & you will have many advantages while playing the SMP mode.   


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